LickiMat Soother Slow Feeder Mat for Dogs & Cats
LickiMat Soother Slow Feeder Mat for Dogs & Cats

LickiMat Soother Slow Feeder Mat for Dogs & Cats

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Some dogs think being left on their own means it's time to do all the things they're not normally allowed to do with humans around. Other dogs? They're totally not cool with being left alone. But with the LickiMat Soother Slow Feeder Mat around, your dog won't feel so stressed when they're home alone?

Using the LickiMat Soother is really easy. Squish wet food or a treat like (dog safe!) yoghurt or peanut butter onto its textured surface for your dog to lick. Because it's textured, your dog will have to spend ages licking their LickiMat to enjoy their treat - which is good news, because it'll keep them occupied and totally calm until you're back home again, ready to dispense more treats!

  • Made from flexible thermoplastic rubber – it’s non toxic, food safe, stronger than silicone – and it’s recyclable too!
  • The LickiMat Soother is suitable for medium or small dogs, Cats as well as puppies
  • Smear wet food or something yummy onto the LickiMat Soother's textured surface. Your dog will need to lick the mat to enjoy their food
  • Licking helps stressed pets chill out by releasing calming endorphins into their system. It also keeps your pet from getting bored by giving them a complex task they'll enjoy
  • The LickiMat Soother is also ideal for doggos who chomp their food way too fast. It forces them to spend more time easing, which is better for their digestive system
  • The textured surface of the LickiMat scrapes bacteria from the tongue for a healthier mouth and fresher breath
  • Hand wash recommended – clean with hot water, detergent and a brush
  • With the LickiMat around, your pet will never be bored again.

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